How to take care of your towels

Warmer months are fast approaching, and with them comes hot days that can be spent on the beach or by the pool, with a cool, refreshing drink and a soft, fluffy towel to dry you off as you step out of the water. Our pure cotton beach towels are the perfect accompaniment to enjoy your time in the water.

There are a few care and maintenance steps you can follow to keep your beloved towels soft and luxuriously fluffy.

Care Instructions for New Towels

When you get new towels, you should wash them and allow them to dry completely before the first use. A recommended tip is to wash them with half a cup of white vinegar to set the dyes and keep the colour resilient. Sometimes, there might be a coating of finishes on new towels that prevent the towel from having proper absorption. Washing fresh, new towels and letting them dry thoroughly will remove those finishes and give the towels maximum absorbency. It will also help to prevent lint. 

How often should you wash your towels?

Towels have to be washed after three to five uses to remove all bacteria and germs before they start to accumulate. If you bathe every day, you might have to wash your towels twice a week. Your body produces sweat, bacteria and skin cells which is easily transferred to your towels. Drying yourself off with a dirty towel can put you at risk of infection. 

Wash instructions for towels

To properly clean your towels, you must remember to wash them separately from your clothes, as this can transfer germs from your clothes to your towels and vice versa. Washing towels on their own makes it easier to wash them with the best settings, based on colour and temperature. It also makes it easier to dry towels as most towels take longer to dry than clothes. 

Separating your white and colour towels before washing them is essential. If you wash them all together, it could cause discolouration. White towels should be washed using hot water, your usual laundry detergent, non-chlorine bleach, or a natural fabric brightener. The hot water allows the white towels to stay bright. Colourful towels should be washed with warm water, detergent and colour-safe bleach. Fabric softener can be used on towels, but it is only necessary every three to four washes and they have to be used according to the correct instructions. Softeners can reduce the absorbency of towels because of the waxy buildup in them. If they have a musty odour before washing, add half a cup of baking soda with the detergent. 

How to properly dry your towels

Towels can be thrown into a dryer or air-dried, based on your preference. It would be best to shake out your towels before drying them to prevent the towels from shrivelling up while drying. If you are drying them by machine, it is better to choose the regular automatic setting as this will increase the fluffiness of the towels and avoid over-drying, which can damage delicate fibres. When finished, fold immediately to prevent wrinkles. To air-dry towels, just throw them over a clothesline outdoors. 

Extra towel care tips

Some extra towel care tips include not throwing damp towels into a washing basket, as it can develop the musty smell that you would want to avoid. It is best to hang your towels after each use, even if you did not wash them, preventing odours. Please do not overload your washing machine with towels as it might not clean them all and may damage your device. After you pack your towels away, throw in a Charlotte Rhys Fragrance Sachet, which you can buy here, or get free if you spend R600 on your order. These sachets will leave your towels smelling fresh and fabulous. 

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