Fine Details Bed & Bath combines the luxury experience of being pampered by high-quality, hotel-grade linens, towels and hair and body products, with the convenience of now having them available to use in the comfort of your own home.  
The Fine Details was started by Ehrin Griessel in 2011, with experience in the field of international export and imports. Because of his passion for the global hospitality market and the severe impact COVID took on the hospitality industry, he identified the need to create something different. By housing multiple, complimentary product categories under one roof Fine Details Bed & Bath is now fully consumer-centric to give the public access to hotel quality products to bring the hotel experience home with them.
Over the last decade, Fine Details has evolved the brand and innovated its categories by redesigning and manufacturing its own range of in-house products including luxury bathrobes, slippers and towels, and tailored its room amenities solution to best suit the client’s needs.The brand prides itself on not only paying attention to the Fine Details but offering fast turnaround times and continuous innovation to meet the market’s demanding ever-evolving needs.


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