The Charlotte Rhys Experience

Charlotte Rhys is a staple in the hotel industry. Known for their high-quality, luxury products, many high-end hotels exclusively offer Charlotte Rhys bath and body products to guests, while using their home products to create ambience.

Fine Details offers a selection of Charlotte Rhys Home, Bath and Body products to help create the same luxury feel of a high-end hotel in your home. The Charlotte Rhys Diffusers, Room Sprays, Pillow Sprays and Scent Sachets all create the soothing, luxurious ambience of a 5 star hotel while the body products create a spa experience in the comfort of your own home.

Like most high-end hotels, the Charlotte Rhys range of products offer unique experiences. The fragrances are uniquely suited to the tone you'd like to set iny our home. Whether you're looking for a clean smell, something sweet and floral or a deep, rich aroma, the Charlotte Rhys products have you covered. 

Charlotte Rhys - No.17

Charlotte Rhys No.17 is a zesty, fresh and clean fragrance with a delightful citrus, herb and floral scent. This fragrance is perfect for the kitchen or bathroom, as it contributes to a clean, comfortable experience.

Charlotte Rhys - Spring Flowers

Charlotte Rhys Spring Flowers is a deliciously sweet and fresh fragrance which offers a citrus, fruity and floral scent. Perfect for anywhere in your home, this delicious fragrance contributes towards a playful, fun experience.

Charlotte Rhys - St. Tomas

Charlotte Rhys St. Tomas is crisp and light, with rich, refined undertones. This invigorating fragrance contains apple, grapefruit, mint and moss notes, to create a sense of luxury. This scent will radiate through your home and enchant your guests. 

Choose Charlotte Rhys

With this phenomenal selection, it may be difficult to decide which Charlotte Rhys experience you want. Whichever you choose, you can rest assured that the luxurious fragrance and superior quality products will leave you feeling comfortable, relaxed and soothed. Browse our collection of Charlotte Rhys Products here!